About Us

Little Poppet Cupcakes is a family run business with over 15 years of experience in the professional baking industry.

As a former baker and cake decorator, Little Poppet Cupcakes owner Jenn, has the skills and knowledge needed to bring you and your creations the professional touches you need using hand selected, high quality products.  Using the skills perfected as a baker herself, she now strives to bring other bakers the very best of the industry and understands first hand the need for quick delivery, low costs and high quality.

At Little Poppet Cupcakes we understand that the time and skills that goes into each beautiful creation is a result of your hardwork and dedication to your craft and we are aware that margins are tight for bakers so wherever possible we cut out the middleman and we will always do our best to bring you products directly from the manufacturer so that we can pass these savings directly onto you.

We are always pleased to hear from our customers, whether you need us to stock something for you or just want to share photos of your cakes. Please get in touch, our customers mean the world to us and we would love to hear from you. Contact Us